The Virtual World Application

Our mission is to connect all virtual worlds with The Virtual World Framework and take globalisation to a whole new level. Search, travel, experience, together. A virtual Internet!

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The Virtual World Application is a framework to enter virtual environments. A virtual environment is a in 3D constructed place, infinite in size and much more interactive than our own reality on planet Earth.

We can build your world, add interactions and content and export your world to a computer or smartphone application. You can enter the virtual world with simple VR glasses or on screen.

Licence a virtual platform for consumers, companies and institutions to gain access to the infinite possibilities of the virtual world.


A separate framework can be created to enter your virtual world. Multiple frameworks can be linked together with modules.

  • A framework built for all platforms. PC, iMac, Android (VR), iPhone(VR), Oculus, HTC.
  • Single screen, VR-Ready, 3D Stereoscopic, Immersive 3D Audio
  • No controllers needed, controlled by head-movement and staring.
  • Build custom worlds
  • Interaction with objects
  • Store information
  • Navigate with level codes
  • Interactive (360 degrees) video
  • Local Network Multiplayer (Private)
  • Active in-game Email system


Custom modules can be created to enhance your virtual world.

  • Add a ‘Teacher’ module and control the position of your students. You control the volumes and communications with an easy drag drop interface
  • Add a ‘360 Virtual Animated’ module and train your skills in an actual object
  • Add a ‘College’ module and invite students from all over the world in your virtual university to watch 360 degrees colleges
  • Add a ‘Multiplayer’ module and invite your grandfather to join you and your friends to have a drink
  • Add a ‘Multiplayer Drag Drop’ Module to interact with objects with your colleagues while they are at the other side of the world
  • Add a ‘Custom’ module, we can make everything, pay in-game with cryptocurrency can be interesting!

Implemented Virtual Worlds