The Virtual World, your platform to enter the metaverse!

It's very simple:

Download The Virtual World browser from the Play- or AppStore >

Search for your favorite organisation >

Enter their world

It is a virtual website, looks like a real environment with all the information the organisation has to offer.

  • Watch video, just stand in front of a screen
  • Play a minigame and experience the organisation
  • Talk to other people in the same space, just stand close to them
  • If you have a course from your school, you can simply log in from home!
  • With an easy to use interface your teacher can invite you with a QR code!
  • VR Ready, if you can place your phone in VR glasses, it’s immersive!

About us

We are visionaries. Our ideas can be used now but are actually build for the future. We see a future where you can enter a virtual parallel universe projected on your eyes. Full immersive in a virtual reality also known as the Metaverse. Our technique is ready for everyone with a smartphone, tablet, computer and is VR-Ready but can also be played on your screen. We don’t collect data and and all your information stays on your device.

A durable green way to communicate, interact and collaborate with people. Without the need to travel and with infinite ways to share information

Create the virtual internet. Surf on the internet, this time for real! Your portal to enter the Metaverse!



Download our browser Enter and use the worlds available for you as a customer, student or employer.

Type ‘The Virtual World’ in the searchfield and enter the demo world with many of the functionalities available for a paying customer.

Type ‘Generic Office’ to get an idea how to use this metaverse for your organisation.



Open up a ‘Generic’ space for your users with full working multiplayer and voice- chat. Login with your organisation email and get feedback through our smart email system.

Use our webinterface to generate QR codes, Load in presentations and watch custom video footage or embedded video.

‘Generic’ environments will be added on demand and with special occasions.

€0,99- A


Let us build your virtual world. Make your office, school or meetingplace. Let your users travel to space or have a meeting at a tropical island; Everything is possible

Use all the available functionalities. QR code webinterface, games, presentations, victory conditions, smart email, streaming video, teleportation and many more. We are in a constant process of inventing new ways to enrich The Virtual World!

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Metaverse Portal

The Virtual World browser is your portal into the metaverse. An infinite place where all dreams come true.

Sit with your friends on a virtual tropical island and suddenly the doorbell rings and your drinks will be delivered!

Play a game and your phone rings, its the company you just visited in The Virtual World, you did exceptionaly well, if they can offer you a job!

Visit the open days of a school or university. Talk with students, teachers and watch video content. Have your first lecture hall in 360° and walk over the campus you are spending the next years of life!